19th November / 2pm (london time)

The Art of Holding Your Baby

organic movement for family happiness

We have a "once in a lifetime" opportunity to get it right from the start.

The rest of our lives are often spent in the process of rehabilitating our bodies, re-learning what we might have initially gotten wrong. While there may not be one miraculous exercise to correct it all, carers should understand the significance of normal development and the importance of handling practices aligned with the natural progression of development.

In my work, I reached a pivotal conclusion: the way parents interact with their babies plays a paramount role in shaping their developing body and how they will cope in life later.

You will discover how each step your baby takes plays a vital role in building a foundation for the healthy future. Movements are a set of "baby cues" used to communicate their needs. A stable posture and organised movements signal a content and well-adjusted baby, while disorganisation and instability may be signs of stress or discomfort. Your handling skills play an invaluable role in providing continuous multi-sensory stimulation, encompassing touch, movement, sound, light, and more.

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19th NOVEMBER / 2PM (London time)
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